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Ground Source Heat Pumps

Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP) enable you to heat your home with natural heat absorbed from the ground, proving you with a constant supply of heat and hot water all year round.    

A ground source heat pump, also known as geothermal heating, can be used all year round because beneath the surface, ground stays at a fairly constant temperature.  This means that the outside temperature isn’t a contributing factor, and heat pumps will be capable of working, even in the midst of a harsh winter.  This is an important factor when living in some rural areas of Scotland, where frequently dip below freezing.

The heat pump works by using pipes (ground loops) that are buried in the ground to extract heat, which is then used to heat under floor heating or radiators and to provide hot water. 

Ground source heating systems are made up of three parts: a ground loop, a heat pump and a heating distribution system:

  • Ground loop – this is a loop of plastic pipe, normally laid flat in trenches about 2m deep or in situations where there is not enough space, it is possible to install a vertical loop down into the ground to a depth of up to 100 m (very often the case in an average property)
  • Heat pump – is a device which moves the water around the loop.
  • Heat distribution system – can be under floor heating or radiators, and is used to extract the heat before releasing it into a building. 

Unlike gas or oil boilers, a heat pump delivers a lower temperature over a long period, therefore works better with under floor heating or low surface temperature radiators such as aluminum. 

What we do?

The McInnes Group can design and install the most effective reliable Ground Source Heating system, correctly sized and scoped to the latest MCS MIS Standard, to provide the highest possible return on investment whether for a domestic or commercial property. 

 Why use GSHP?

  • Could lower your fuel bills, especially if you are replacing convectional electric heating.
  • Could provide you with an income through Government’s RHI scheme
  • Could lower your homes carbon emissions
  • No fuel delivery
  • Can heat your home and provide hot water
  • Needs little maintenance – they care called ‘fit and forget’ technology. 

“My experience was first class from start to finish! Maybe this has a lot to do with the contractors (McInnes in Inverness), But they turned up to every appointment made on time, were polite and professional.”

Tai Altman


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